TV Theme
TV Set Props, Decor and Invitations: Hollywood Style Award Ceremonies, Red Carpets, TV Sets, Gameshows, etc.
Big Entertainment’s TV Themed Photo Explosion: “TV” themed
key chains, magnets, frames, viewfinders, photo clip stands, mouse pads,
t-shirts, and more
Celebrity Photos: Instant digital celebrity themed photo sessions
“ESPN” TV Sportscaster: As seen at your favorite team’s fan fests
Bling Bling Shop: Customizable “Larger than life” Hip-Hop style jewelry
pieces and accessories
TV Style Virtual Makeovers: See the new you! Hair/Eye colors, hair styles,
make-ups, and more
“Celebrity” Birthday News Chronicles: Unique Customizable Print Outs
highlighting celebrity birthdays, fun facts, and more.
“Lots of Laughs” Comedy Karaoke
Walker Texas Ranger Rodeo Roper
Custom Video Montages
Snow Globe Photos:
Now it can snow all year long! Custom labeled unique
snow globe photo favors
“Paparazzi” Photo Bar: “Paparazzi” style interactive photographers,
customizable favors
The Rap Masters: Say Word! Custom Labeled Rap CD Production.
“Headliners” Dancing Heads: New for 2006! Chroma key technology
superimposes heads onto zany dancing backgrounds. New and fresh, guests
receive Custom Printed DVD’s of their performances
Mr. Trivia TV Edition
Gladiator Joust:
Inflatable challenge competition; as seen on TV’s
“American Gladiators”
Big Screen Arcade: Big screen presentations, 4-16 player thunder zones,
custom game programs
Red Carpet Entrances
Sky Tracker Lighting:
A great attention getter
Tattoo Artists: Crystal, henna, airbrush, and more. Theme attired artists
also available
American Idols CD Recording Booth: As seen on TV. Professional
Quality Recording Session, in our professional customizable “mobile booths”.
Video Name That Tune Game Show: Charismatic Hosts, Lock out buzzers,
customizable programs, etc.
Wheel of Fortune Game Show:
Family Feud Big Screen Game ShowAmerican Idols Game Show
Jeopardy Game Show
Big Screen Presentations and Plasma Displays:
Great for montages,
dance floor simulcasts, tradeshows, and more
Magic and Master of Illusions Shows: Walk-around or
stationary performances
TV Look a Likes: Celebrities, musicians, movie stars, athletes, etc.
Music Video Mania/Comic Commercials: Guests star in their own
MTV Style Videos. Includes viewing monitors, props, digitally enhanced
backgrounds, chroma-key technology, and more
Anna Jack Hula Hoop Artistry: As seen on TV’s “Late Night with
David Lettermen”
Animal ActsVirtual Theaters
Bobble head Photos
: Sports figures, police, fireman, celebrities, cheerleaders,
musicians, ballerinas, customizable favors, and more
Movie Magic DVD Edition: Chroma-key mini-movies starring your guests!
Now on DVD!
“Stone Silly” Hollywood Hands: A BIG Entertainment original. Fun,
interactive, and now “Hollywood” themed
Custom Comedy Shows: “Clean” and “Adult” shows available. Inquire for
more details.
Hypnotists and Mentalists
“L.A Looks” Hats and Shades
Fun Foods Stations:
Cotton Candy Machines, Snow Cones, Pretzels,
Pop Corn, and more
ESPN Virtual Sports Zone: VR Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Boxing, Bowling, Fishing, Skateboarding, Dancing, Surfing, Snowboarding, and more
*Also many other of our Fresh New and Classic Entertainment
concepts can be customized to integrate smoothly into this theme.
“TV” Theme Package 1:

“Stone Silly” Hollywood Hands
“Celebrity” Birthday News Chronicles
TV Style Virtual Makeovers
Cocktail Hour Mr.Trivia TV Edition
“TV” Theme Package 2:

Big Entertainment’s TV Themed Photo Explosion
“ESPN” Virtual Baseball Deluxe
“ESPN” Virtual Golfing Deluxe
“Stone Silly” Hollywood Hands
Tattoo Artist(s)
“TV” Theme Package 3:

Big Entertainment’s “TV Themed” Photo Explosion
Bling Bling Shop
TV Style Virtual Makeovers
Big Screen Arcade
“Celebrity” Birthday News Chronicles
“L.A Looks” Hot Hats
Custom Game Show Mania Program
“TV” Theme Package 4:

T.V Style Theme Props and Décor
Bling Bling Shop
“L.A Looks” Hot Hats and Shades
Music Video Mania
Celebrity Photos
Look a Like Performer(s)
Bobble head Photos
Custom Big Screen Jeopardy or
Family Feud Game show

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BIG Entertainment Events, USA