Mazel Tov! Get in on the secret that Party Planners and Caterers have been benefiting from for over two decades. Let our knowledge, experience, and myriad of in stock entertainment options work for you. Each year we provide High-Energy Professional DJ/MC/Dancer Teams, Unique Customizable Take Homes, Music and Multimedia Favors, Casino Entertainment, Unique Performing Acts, Theme Propping, Party Favors, Arcade Experiences, VR Sims, and much more to over 150 Bar & Bat Mitzvah hosts with some of the most discriminating tastes. Our expertise in the field is unparalleled, and our mission is to make each and every event we host a memorable, stress-free, sure-fire success.
With your child’s special day approaching the party planning process may seem to be an overwhelming or daunting task. Well take a breath of relief because it doesn’t have to be that way! Our Bar & Bat Mitzvah Specialists take a uniquely personalized approach to each and every client we service. While we know that you the host wants to make every facet of your event perfect; it should never get in the way of enjoying your child’s special day.
Our Bar & Bat Mitzvah Specialists secret is in their extensive amount of pre-preparation for each and every event we service. Meaning that not only can you count on them to provide you with the perfect blend of Music, Motivation, and Extra Entertainment to enliven your event and compliment its focus; but also that they will stay in close contact with your Caterer, DJ, etc. making for a flawless integration of our services into your special event.
Unlike other companies and party planners whose inventory is as deep as their rolodex, our network of suppliers and on-site inventory is unparalleled. Our belief is that the strongest way to promote our business for the future is to set a high-standard for performance and excellence, and than exceed that standard at every Bar & Bat Mitzvah we service. Our specialists pride themselves in providing innovative, cutting-edge themed entertainment options at prices that are affordable and a great value. Rest assured that they will make certain to provide the perfect blend of sideline entertainment guaranteed to enhance your party’s theme, while not drawing away from any of the dance floor action. To ensure your next Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a memorable hit for you and all your guests… Think outside the lines, THINKBIG”!

Look no further!!! We specialize in being a direct-source for Uniquely Memorable Bar & Bat Mitzvah Music, Favors, and Party Extras in:
And many more areas…
Please contact one of our “Bar/Bat Mitzvahs” today, for more details!!!!

Some of this Bar and Bat Mitzvah seasons hottest items and customizable favors include:

Big Screen Arcades
Big’s Photo Explosion
Casino Entertainment
Stone Hands
Theme Propping
Superimposed Photography
Video Montages
Virtual Baseball/Golf
Music Videos
Dancing Heads
Make-a-Mix CD’s
Oxygen Bars
Bobbleheads & Snow Globes
Dance Floor Simulcasts
Birthday News
Electronic Astrology
Lie Detectors
Performing Acts
Carnival Entertainment
Hot Hats

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