Today's BIG Star (Rock Star Theme)

Disco Party: Charismatic MC’s, Professional Dancers, Interactive Lighting, Dance floor Games and Giveaways, Smoke/Fog Machines, and more.
Big Entertainment’s “Rock Star Themed” Photo Explosion: “Rock Star” themed key chains, magnets, frames, viewfinders, photo clip stands, backstage passes, mouse pads, t-shirts, and more
”Big Star” Music Video Mania DVD Edition: Guests star in their own MTV Style videos includes viewing monitors, props, digitally enhanced backgrounds, chroma-key technology, and more
”Big Star” CD Recording Booth Deluxe: As seen on TV. Professional Quality Recording Session, in our professional customizable “mobile booths”.
MTV Photo T-Shirt Shop: Rolling Stone Covers, Music/Hollywood Stars, etc.
Guitar Heroes Big Screen Showdown: Guests compete against our computer or friends using an interactive guitar controller for onscreen action. Includes professional sound system, props, prizes, etc.
DDR Big Screen Showdown: Big Screen Display, Arcade Style Pads, High-End Stereo Sound
”The Music Spot” Make a Mix CD: Custom CD Mixes made onsite for your guests... Guests choose from a giant library of music choices to have burned onto custom labeled CD’s
Look a Likes: Appearances and performances. Brittany Spears, Puff Daddy, Billy Joel, and more..
”Iced Out” Bling Shoppe: Larger than life “Hip Hop” style jewelry creations.
DDR Big Screen Showdown: Big Screen Display, Arcade Style Pads, High-End Stereo Sound
Tony Hawk Big Screen Showdown: Big screen production, stereo sound, VR Controllers, theme propping, optional photo packages
Foam Dance Parties: Wet and wild fun. As seen at “MTV’s Spring Break”
Custom Video Montages: Commemorate the moment, custom tailored to your exact specifications
Professional Dance Floors
Live Big Screen Video Simulcasting: Enhance your dance floor action! Custom programs avail.
Rice Jewelry: Amazing, Unique Jewelry pieces created on grains of rice
“Hard Rocking” Hot Hats
“Big Timers” Stone Hands”:
A BIG Entertainment original. Fun, interactive, and now “Rock and Roll” themed
Fun Foods Stations: Cotton Candy Machines, Snow Cones, Pretzels, Pop Corn, and more
Game Show Mania: “American Superstar” and other customizable
programs available
”Harley Davidson” Tattoo Shoppe: Henna, Crystal, Airbrush, etc.
”Name That Tune” Music Video Game Show: Custom programs available
MTV Style Backstage Passes: MTV Awards, Oscars, Grammy’s, Sporting Events, etc.
Virtual Golf and Baseball Deluxe: Comes complete with Big Screen Production, Stereo Sound, Theme Propping, Authentic Batting and Golfing Cages, Custom Scorecards, and more
Red Carpet and other specialty entrances
Sky Tracker Lighting Systems

*Also many other of our Fresh New and Classic Entertainment concepts can be customized to integrate smoothly into this theme.
“Rock Star” Theme Package A:

$4000+ /-
5 Minutes of Fame.. .Music Video / Karaoke Sessions guests star in their own music videos includes copy for each guest... Excellent interactive giveaway...
Harley Davidson Tattoo Shoppe.. Our professional friendly artist will turn your guests into bikers, rock stars, and more onsite at your next music themed event...
Photo Backstage Passes.. for each guest.. - Guitar Challenge..
“Rock Star” Theme Package B:

$6000 + /-
5 Minutes of Fame... Music Videos / Karaoke...
DJ with professional sound system and custom setup..
Harley Davidson Tattoo Shoppe..
Guitar Challenge..
MTV Photo Package.. guests are superimposed into choice backgrounds with some of their favorite MTV stars. High end digital photos, includes custom labeled frame

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BIG Entertainment Events, USA